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  • If you live by society’s rules, there is only one path. If you make your own there are infinite.

  • Let go of all beliefs and live each day knowing that you know nothing.

  • Marlo Lavonne: Rockport, MA. 2011.

    We were on our way from Montreal to NYC. We planned to drive straight there, but for some reason decided it was time to find the Atlantic Ocean, to complete our cross continent trip. So we headed east, landing in Rockport. That day we stumbled upon a place called Long Beach, a perfect ending to our trip from BC’s Long Beach on the far edge of the West Coast. Of course, this particular ending was just another beginning.

  • Marlo Lavonne: Long Beach, BC. 2011.

    Getting to Pacific Rim National Park involves a long drive on an extremely narrow and windy roller coaster of a road (for those not traveling by boat or float plane). When you finally arrive at this wild and remote place, and start getting glimpses of the ocean as you hike down toward it, it feels even more special, like you’ve made it to the edge of the world.

  • Marlo LavonneFlorencia Bay, BC. 2011.

    Walking down to this beach felt like coming home. It felt more lived in than other beaches in the area. People had built fires, hung clothes to dry, cooked food. I need to go back.

  • Marlo LavonneForest Lake, MN. 2011.

    We planned to stay for 3 days, but were there a month. It was a great month.

  • Marlo LavonnePortal. 2011.

    Sometimes you accidentally come across a place so magical that you feel like you’ve left the earth you’ve always known and are somewhere new. This was taken in Pacific Rim National Park on the western edge of Vancouver Island.

  • Ness Creek, Saskatchewan. 2011.

    We spent a week here listening to music, drinking tea by the campfire, visiting with friends, and running around the forest.

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  • iPhone video of a storm in North Dakota. July 2011.

  • James, under a crazy tree, near South Beach, Pacific Rim National Park. This place was magical.

  • After hiking the South Beach trail we came across this vacant stretch of sand, rocks, trees, and pools of blue water. We stopped to watch the waves and the eagles. The western edge of the island is such a wild place.