1. On Emotion

    My experiences keep guiding me back to the importance of emotion. It is a universal language more accurate and concise than words, though can point us in the direction of any words if we are really listening. It shows us when we are straying from our desired path. It shows us when we have thinking that is ignorant, beliefs that aren’t true to who we are, or ideas that are truly brilliant. Emotions can be rationally examined to discover parts of ourselves that were hidden, buried, ignored, yet still dictate our lives and behaviour. It is one of our most powerful tools for growth.

    I think if humans want to survive this whole earth experiment we must learn the language of emotion and a methodical approach to navigating and expressing it. We must recognize its immense wisdom, value, and validity. We must balance the over-emphasis on intellect that has taken us on such a destructive path. Stop ignoring emotions. Listen.

    Art by James Wyper.

  2. The capacity to be alone is the capacity to love. It may look paradoxical to you, but it’s not. It is an existential truth: only those people who are capable of being alone are capable of love, of sharing, of going into the deepest core of another person—without possessing the other, without becoming dependent on the other, without reducing the other to a thing, and without becoming addicted to the other. They allow the other absolute freedom, because they know that if the other leaves, they will be as happy as they are now. Their happiness cannot be taken by the other, because it is not given by the other. (Osho)

  3. On The Law of Attraction

    When I first heard about it I thought it was bullshit. Too good to be true. I was always a cynic, but part of me still hoped and dreamed so eventually I spent an evening looking into it. I was still pretty suspicious about how it was presented, but thought instead of having opinions based on a couple hours of internet research I should test it out myself. So I thought “Okay universe, if this is real I would really like a big new houseplant, please.” and left my desk and went on to other things.

    The next morning there was a knock on my door. It was my closest neighbour, who informed me she was moving and had a large houseplant she wanted to give away. It was just what I wanted, and I got it in under a day with no effort. I was pretty tripped out.

    Being the cynic I was, I tried a couple more tests just to make sure, and they worked too. Could it all be coincidence? Since then I’ve slowly warmed up to the idea and used it to manifest all kinds of things, big and small.

    I once spent New Year’s Eve writing out what I thought would be the most awesome thing to do that year: rent out our apartment and spend the warmest months traveling across North America. Life distracted me and I forgot about it, but somehow this ended up happening anyway and we spent five life-changing months traveling from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic.

    I once declared that if we were meant to get a dog the right one would find us. The next day, out of the blue at a comic store, she did.

    It’s also how we ended up leaving Calgary and finding our current home on an amazing island we’d never heard of. We wrote down a detailed list of what we wanted in a home and somehow a trail of breadcrumbs led us here years before we thought possible. This place was offered to us for the exact date we needed to move and fit our old list of criteria eerily. Walking distance to both the ocean and lakes? Yes. Awesome bathtub, dishwasher, guest room, fire pit, gardens, lots of trees, and fenced yard for dogs? Yep. The list continues.

    My advice? Dream big, but be careful what you wish for. Let go of all expectations of what should happen, or how, and go with the flow. I don’t know how it works, but I do see it work in my life all the time.

  4. It’s good to be home.

  5. I just spent almost a week in Tofino working on a landscape/portrait commission. These are just iPhone shots I took along the way. It’s going to be epic! Final 3 shots will be printed very large on aluminum.

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  7. Take no shit. Give no fucks.

    Stop taking shit from people. Stop being a doormat and a punching bag. Say no and enforce it. Cut those unwilling to comply out of your life. Take back your power. Take control of your experience. Have compassion for yourself. No one is going to change your life for you, but you can. Do it consciously. With presence.

    Stop giving a fuck about things that don’t matter. This is a distraction that can consume your life. Do you want to dwell on petty arguments or if you paid too much for your new TV? Decide to give no fucks. See how badass that feels. Raise yourself to a new level of spending your consciousness on cool shit only, like creating or learning or helping or loving. Stop caring what people think. Stop taking things so seriously.

  8. George.


  9. "If you want your art to improve, try working on yourself then see how it reflects in what you make."
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  12. You are a creator of worlds. Create consciously.

  13. Hello, neighbour.

  14. Hope Bay, Pender Island.